As part of Payments Labs, processing your payments with MALLO is a sweet endeavor. MALLO was named after the Pachira Aquatica of the mallow family, a tree colloquially referred to as the money tree. Its inspiration is apt as MALLO is a concierge payment tool for all your financial needs. What makes processing payments with MALLO so sweet?

It boils down to these three reasons:

#1 – In the business of payments, not fees

That’s right – we don’t penalize returns or charge excessive fees like our competition. MALLO does not add additional processing fees or upcharges for payment returns, even if the errors are done by the recipient or the banks put a stop on payment for compliance reasons.

Historically, less than 2% of payments through MALLO result in returns. But if they happen, we take care of it. So don’t worry about unnecessary return fees or hidden charges from us. Just issue your payments with peace of mind!

#2 – End-to-end payment transaction transparency

Let’s say you’re owed money and now want to know if your payment has been submitted or not. MALLO’s transactions show all steps – from entered to submitted to payment status – in real time, all on your MALLO dashboard.

We also provide the breakdown details of a payment once received, so you know exactly why you’re getting paid $962.38 for a $1000 invoice (and we show what led to the $37.62 deduction). This feature applies to payments around the world, building trust between payor and payee.

#3 – White-glove service

Still have questions? As a premium service, MALLO offers clients a payment platform bespoke to their needs and complete with concierge-style service for payments support. When clients choose MALLO, they and their recipients interface with a real person in customer support, instead of a nameless, faceless tech platform. We’re here to walk clients through any issues that may arise, with patience, empathy, and expertise!