Our vision is to make global payments simple and enable any business to pay anyone, anywhere in the world.

Our Story

Created by esports veterans, Payment Labs reduces the time and money needed to complete the payment process and can facilitate payments with the ability to transact in 140+ currencies across 180 countries while ensuring that each payment complies with taxation and privacy policy requirements in each country. Payment Labs was created by a team of professionals dedicated to simplifying the payment process and giving smaller businesses and organizations the same resources as large enterprises.

Before founding Payment Labs, CEO Han Park was President of Turtle Entertainment America, a subsidiary of ESL gaming - the world's largest esports company, having sold for over $1 billion in 2022. While an executive at the organization, one of the biggest challenges Han faced was dealing with prize payouts after competitions. Han couldn't find an existing payment solution that worked for the payout problems he was facing, so he decided to build a solution to make esports payouts easy and compliant around the world. The solution expanded to include platforms for traditional sports, niche sports, NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) payments, and the creator economy. The platform can also make compliant and efficient business payments to individuals worldwide.

Companies spend an estimated 10-20% of their prize fund value on accounting and operational costs and payment fees. The first esports customer that Payment Labs onboarded had six months of backlogged prize payments paid out in less than two weeks with the platform.

Today, Payment Labs services all industries that need compliant and efficient global payments, saving time and resources by automating the entire payout process. Payment Labs develops products that serve the specific payment needs of fast-growing industries that require fast and compliant solutions for businesses to pay people globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to get people anywhere in the world compliantly paid in the quickest and easiest way possible. Our customers rest easy knowing that payments are no longer something they need to worry about.

Our team

  • Han

    Han Park

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ronak

    Ronak Desai

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Hung

    Hung Pham

    Finance Manager

  • Lisbeth

    Lisbeth Garassino Gutierrez

    Head of Marketing

  • Stuart

    Stuart Brooks

    Customer Success Manager

  • William

    William Hoo

    Sales Development

  • Rafael

    Rafael Caixeta

    VP of Engineering

  • Joel

    Joel Shaw


  • Guilherme Brabo

    Guilherme Brabo


  • Edgar Chernick

    Edgar Chernick


  • Raphael Lins

    Raphael Lins


  • Alessandro Cavenaghi

    Alessandro Cavenaghi


  • Lucas Cabrera

    Lucas Cabrera

    Payment Operations

  • Lucas Araujo

    Lucas Araujo

    Payment Operations

  • Pl Team

    Christian Segala