Case Study Enabled APP Events with Fast Payments

454 athletes paid across 11 tournaments with 38 hours of average payment delivery time from onboarding to payment.

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How Payment Labs
 Photo credit: X Games Images Transformed Payouts for X Games

In 2023, the APP holds one or two events per month across the country in events that are livestreamed on ESPN+ and / or APPTV, and broadcast on ESPN or CBS Sports Network. They hold events across the country in cities such as New York City, Cincinnati, Newport Beach, Mesa Springs, Daytona Beach, Philadelphia, Sacramento, and St. Louis. Division winners across the United States needed to be quickly onboarded and paid out to close out events in a timely manner.

Total Prize Payouts
Average Payout
Athletes Paid
Hours Average Delivery


  • Global Payments
  • Streamlined Process
  • Reporting
  • Fast Payments

“The APP has been growing at warp speed given the rapid growth of pickleball. We needed a platform and partner to help us scale our tournament prize payments and deliver a great payment experience for our players and referees.

Payment Labs has been a great partner

in enabling our growth and making sure that our tournaments, which take months to plan out, don’t end on a bad note with a bad prize payment experience on the tail-end.

Payment Labs’ platform and customer success team is core to our goal of building a
digital-first, scalable modern finance organization to support our rapidly-growing business.”

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Tom Webb, Chief Marketing Officer


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