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Payment Labs simplifies payouts for major esports events with a platform crafted by gaming and esports veterans.

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How EVO, the Largest Fighting Game Tournament, Used Payment Labs to Quickly and Compliantly Distribute Their Prize Pool Onsite in Las Vegas.

EVO USA, held in Las Vegas, is an epic gaming experience drawing gamers from around the world to compete in the greatest fighting game tournaments. The 2023 EVO had 9,100 gamers descend on the arena, and the 2022 EVO had 7,000 gamers in attendance.
Prior to using Payment Labs as their international payment system to securely collect and process tax information and facilitate the payment of prize money around the world, it was a ver y manual process for EVO to make payments. After the tournament, they would try to track down all of the individual gamers to make payments to the winners.

The event is a global tournament, with hotspots of expert fighting gamers coming in from from 48 different countries converging in Vegas to compete live at the event in front of a packed stadium and streamed live for fans all over the world to watch. After the amazing competitions and exhilarating final matches of each competition,  tracking down the winners after the live event was difficult and time-consuming.

Transitioning to the Payment Labs platform, Payment Labs professionals were onsite to answer the questions that the EVO gamers and volunteers had regarding payments and ensure quick and compliant payments. The EVO tournaments are one of the most at tended esports event in the world, and having onsite Payment Labs staff helped the tournament organizers not have to handle anything to do with payment questions.

Gamers Paid
Payments Made


  • Compliance
  • Streamlined Process
  • Reporting
  • Taxes

“Payment Labs simplified our payout process and created a quick and easy experience allowing us to pay our competitors from around the world efficiently.

Managing international payments, keeping up to date on tax and compliance requirements worldwide, and onboarding our tournament finalists is a challenging process that Payment Labs’ platform made approachable. 

Having Payment Labs on-site with support staff handling questions also helped our staff be able to focus on delivering EVO’s world-class fighting game tournament.”

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Rick Thiher, General Manager


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