Case Study Global Payments with LiquidDogs

Payment Labs simplifies payouts for major esports events with a platform crafted by gaming and esports veterans.

LiquidDogs Makes Global Player Payments Quickly and
Compliantly with Payment Lab

LiquidDogs works with the world’s top studios and publishers, delivering seamless production of events for the esports industry. Innovative vision, product quality, and industry expertise combined with top-notch management experience make them the go-to choice for event production, streaming, showcases, gaming build outs, and
exclusive content creation.

Recognizing the need for streamlined payment processes when managing esports tournaments, LiquidDogs turned to to navigate the complex process of paying gamers globally. By leveraging the Payment Labs platform, LiquidDogs quickly pays tournament winners and streamlines tax reporting regulations, eliminating time-consuming tasks and allowing them to focus their energy on what they do best: creating unparalleled events.

The Payment Labs platform facilitates worldwide payments to gamers, even in traditionally hard-to-pay countries, while automating compliance and tax withholdings.

Gamers Paid
Payments Made


  • Global Payments
  • Streamlined Process
  • Reporting
  • Reporting

“Payment Labs makes paying out the largest events in the esports industry easy.

Their payment platform was designed from the ground up by gaming and esports veterans, so any payout challenge we saw in the past is no longer an issue. Gamers worldwide are onboarded and paid quickly and easily, which can be the most challenging part of an esports tournament.

Winners no longer have to wait weeks or months to receive winnings, there are no longer backlogs of prize money payment payouts, and gone are the days of worrying about compliance and year-end tax reports.”

Florian Olivo Mf23rf8xary Unsplash
Laurent Genin-Satoh, Managing Director


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