Payment Labs is proud to announce our most recent success story with the Association of Pickleball Players (APP). Pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport, and this partnership furthers the ambitions of the APP as they strive to meet the rising demand for competitive tournaments. Teaming up with Payment Labs, the APP found a fast and compliant solution to pay out event winners from multiple divisions across the US, Canada, and Europe. Payment Labs streamlined the payment process, reducing the time of payments to winning athletes to less than 48 hours from the end of a tournament.

Payment Labs’ comprehensive solution simplified the onboarding process for hundreds of players, enabling quick and secure payments. With a focus on growth and inclusivity, the APP leverages Payment Labs’ platform to automate processes and scale their events. Payment Labs’ user-friendly dashboard provides full transparency, allowing the APP and competitors to track payments and know when they’ll arrive.

By choosing Payment Labs, the APP can build trust with players through reliable and efficient payments. Payment Labs’ compliant and transparent solution ensures the APP’s brand remains professional and reputable. Additionally, Payment Labs helps the APP save time and money by optimizing growth, handling tax forms, and providing personalized support. With Payment Labs as their payment partner, the APP can focus on providing a space for competitive pickleball players while knowing that their payouts are being handled with care.