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Simplify the payment process for creators with fast and compliant global payments with low, flat-rate fees.

Faster payments

Automated payee onboarding speeds up the payment process. Simply provide the recipient’s email address to initiate the payment.

Easy one-time payments

Sending a single payment to an individual is now quick and effortless rather than difficult and time-consuming.

Bundle payments

Efficiently manage group payments for events or campaigns. Set up a project, specify recipients' emails and payment amounts to rapidly pay contractors or influencers. 

Compliance and security

Ensure compliance with global privacy and data security regulations for financial transactions.

Scale Effortlessly Without Growing Costs

We don't charge excessive fees like others and have a less than 1% payment return rate.

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End-to-End Transaction Transparency

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White-Glove Payment Support

As a premium service, Payment Labs offers clients a payment platform complete with concierge-style service for payment support.

How it works

Take the Guesswork Out of Compliance

Payment Labs redefines cross-border transactions, offering a seamless solution for businesses to execute payments worldwide.

  1. Turnkey Taxes and Reporting

    Automated W8 and W9 form collection, in addition to e-file ready EOY 1099 and 1042. Evolving tax compliance to meet your business needs.

  2. Reduce Operating Costs

    Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs as you scale.

Empowering Providers with Agile Solutions

Our cutting-edge technology enables quick and compliant transactions across borders with minimal payment returns of less than 1%.

Case Studies

Our customers and their experiences

    • Payout Success

      New electronic payout process replaces checks and a legacy payout process. 

    • 995 Athletes

      CSI made 1213 payments to 995 athletes. 

    • Features used

      Global Payments
      Prize Payments
    Csi Corp Logo White Horiz 2line

    Payment Labs replaced CueSports International (CSI)’s manual payout process with an easy and automated one that delighted winners at the 2024 CueSports International Expo in Vegas.

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    • Payment Support

      Payment professionals onsite in Vegas to answer questions and quickly payout winners.
    • 48 Countries

      EVO made 514 payments in 33 currencies across 48 countries.
    • Features used

      Global Payments
      Prize Payments
    Evo23 Day3 220350 Stephanielindgren 5 Enhanced Nr Edit (1)
    Evo Gg

    Payment Labs simplifies payouts for major esports events with a platform crafted by gaming and esports veterans.

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    • Quick Payouts

      Compliant global gamer payouts distributed quick.
    • 725 Gamers 

      LiquidDogs made 1863 payments in 42 currencies across 58 countries. 
    • Features used

      Global Payments
      Prize Payments
    Florian Olivo Mf23rf8xary Unsplash
    Link → Liquiddogs

    Payment Labs simplifies payouts for major esports events with a platform crafted by gaming and esports veterans.

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    • Payout Triumph

      Hundreds of athletes seamlessly onboarded and rapidly paid.
    • 21 Countries 

      21 countries received payments and 12 currencies paid with cross-border compliance.
    • Features used

      Global Payments
      Prize Payments
    Photo by Tim Mossholder

    X Games athletes are able to get paid quickly and compliantly, no matter which country they are from.

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    • Simplified Payouts

      Automation of payout and tax form collection to scale up pickleball events.
    • 454 Athletes

      The Association of Pickleball players (APP) simplified it's payments and tax form collection process.
    • Features used

      Global Payments
      Prize Payments
    Photo by Ben Hershey

    454 athletes paid across 11 tournaments with 38 hours of average payment delivery time from onboarding to payment.

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    • Global Contractors

      Timely, Secure, and Compliant Payments to Contractors
    • 2-5x faster

      725 payments paid across 9 countries in 5 currencies.
    • Features used

      Global Payments
    Photo by Maddi Bazzocco

    MediaNug distributes 725 payments across 9 countries and 5 currencies with Fast Payments & Streamlined Tax Compliance in the Creator Economy.

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Frequent questions and answers

Effortlessly managing cross-border payments in 140+ currencies across 180 countries with minimal returns of less than 1%.

Yes, Payment Labs provides KYC / AML verification that prevents payment transactions going to flagged accounts and persons including international sanctions.

Payment Labs only withholds and remits IRS taxes. Coming soon state or local taxes. Automated W8 and W9 form collection increases efficiency and reduces operating costs. 

Currently Payment Labs supports Finland and the US. Tax support for other countries is dependent on the customer and their use case.

At the end of the year, Payment Labs sends out the applicable tax forms, such as 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, and 1042-S, automating the collection and reporting for customers.

Yes, Payment Labs offers various payout options including bank transfers, prepaid cards and more.

Payment Labs provides a simple and secure user interface and experience. All that is needed to onboard creators is an email address, creating an easy process where payments are quickly made.

Personal information (including physical residence address), government tax or registration number, valid banking information, and in many cases, government issued photo ID for identity verification.

Yes, Payment Labs can make payments with the ability to transact in 140+ currencies across 180 countries, with a historical return rate of less than 1% on payments.

Yes, Payment Labs is proud to offer branded dashboards for each of our clients that reflect the brand identity of our clients.

No, Payment Labs allows you to fund in multiple different currencies, such as CAD, GBP, EUR, etc. if needed.

Payment Labs does not currently offer a pay-in solution.

Most payments arrive within 48 hours

Our payment support team helps the payee correct any incorrect information so they can be paid as quickly as possible.

We collect personal, banking and tax information necessary to make compliant payments. Our Privacy Policy can be found here

Our Payment Labs Customer Support Team is available to answer any and all questions. 

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Leverage the Payment Labs platform to quickly make payouts and streamline tax reporting regulations. Eliminate time-consuming tasks and build your brand's credibility as financially trustworthy and reliable.

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